Cameron Stewart Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

This week, multiple women have come forward accusing writer/artist Cameron Stewart of sexual predatory behavior.

The first allegation came from artist Aviva Artzy on Twitter.

Aviva’s tweets led to writer/artist Kate Leth to come forward.

Stewart’s alleged behavior appeared to be an open secret in the industry with Marsha Cooke, wife of the late Darwyn Cooke, tweeting her support of Aviva and acknowledged seeing Stewart’s actions.

Artist Babs Tarr, who worked with Stewart on Motor Crush and Batgirl, tweeted her support of Aviva as well.

The allegations are that Stewart was grooming minors. Grooming occurs when an older person creates relationship with a younger person, in some cases minors, with the goal of sexual behavior/abuse.

As of today, Stewart has set his Twitter and Instagram to private and hasn’t released a statement.

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