Oh Snap! ‘New Pokémon Snap’ Being Developed

Old school Pokémon fans get your balls ready. Yesterday, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company posted a tease for a new Pokémon presentation to stream today. The tease was devoid of any real information except for the time, and instead of being a “Pokémon Direct” would be titled “Pokémon Presents”.

On the Japanese site though, they described the presentation as “Pokémon New Product Presentation”, which led fans to speculate that new products would be shown off other than the DLC content already scheduled to drop for the current Nintendo Switch game Pokémon Sword/Shield.

The presentation itself included some of the weird stuff that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company make like Pokémon Sleep, this time a tooth-brushing assistant for mobile devices named Pokémon Smile. They also introduced a new free-to-start puzzle game called Pokémon Café Mix for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. As expected there were some promotion of the newly released DLC for Pokémon Sword/Shield, The Isle of Armor; and some updates to the mobile game Pokémon Go.

In the middle of all of that though, was the surprise announcement of the presentation. A new version of Pokémon Snap is being developed, appropriately titled New Pokémon Snap. The original Pokémon Snap was released on the Nintendo 64, back in 1999 and was a first-person rail “shooter” where your character traveled in a vehicle around an island taking photos of the Pokémon on the island. There was a version of Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, but still, fans have been asking for a Pokémon Snap game on Switch for a while now (see any Pokémon gaming thread on enthusiast sites). No release date was announced for New Pokémon Snap, the presentation simply saying it was “under construction”.

Here is the entire presentation:

And here is the isolated Pokémon Snap portion of it:

Interestingly they did not cover some of the things they announced at their “future of Pokémon” presentation from last May like Pokémon Sleep or the Switch version of Detective Pikachu. Well, maybe we’ll get news of that next week, as the host Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that there will be another Pokémon Presents video dropping on June 24. We’ll see what presents we get then…


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