Marvel’s ‘The Rise Of Ultraman’ Starts In September (Minor Update)

Last Fall, it was announced that Marvel would be teaming up with Tsuburaya Productions on a new Ultraman comic. This past March, the creative team of writers Kyle Higgins and Matt Groom, and Francisco Manna on art was revealed. Today more information about the Giant of Light’s comic has been released including a new cover and more story information.

Some story information has been given about the series which is described as a new iteration of Ultraman:

A young man, Shin Hayata, wishes to help protect humanity from the threat of the mysterious, skyscraper-sized Kaiju, only to find himself communing with a mysterious alien entity who may well give him the power to do so. In the inimitable Marvel storytelling style, nothing is what it seems, however, and Shin will need more than just immense strength to save the world.

Pretty broad description. There will also be a back-up story in the first issue titled Ultra Q. Ultra Q is also the title of the 1966 television series that preceded Ultraman, focusing on strange stories featuring giant monsters (kaiju). The story will be written by Michael Cho and will be:

… a period piece retelling of the very first entry into the Ultraman universe, updated “the Marvel way”

The Rise of Ultraman will arrive in September and have a cover by Alex Ross (as one of the covers available).

The Rise of Ultraman cover by Alex Ross

Minor Update (06/19/20): Variant cover by Olivier Coipel featuring the Emissary of Hell sans Leopardon revealed (by this cover, it looks like issue #1 will be $5.99):

The Rise of Ultraman #1 variant cover by Olivier Coipel


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