‘Iron Man’ Relaunches With New Creative Team In September

Back in 2018 it was announced that Dan Slott would be taking over Iron Man that Summer with Tony Stark: Iron Man. Well, it turns out it wouldn’t be a record-breaking run like his Amazing Spider-Man, as his time with Shellhead is coming to an end this year. According to Slott back in April, ending in 2020 was always the plan:

So what will happen with Tony Stark and his amazing armors? It looks like Marvel is going with a “back to basics” campaign and relaunching Iron Man with a new #1 and a new creative team. What “back to basics” means is a little ambiguous for now… Will he be back to being an arms dealer? Being prisoner in a cave? Drunk? We’re not sure, but we do know the new creative team announced is writer Christopher Cantwell and artist CAFU. Alex Ross will be designing Tony’s new armor and painting the wrap-around cover for the first issue.

Cantwell had this to say about his take on Iron Man:

“I’m aiming to explore the question: who should Iron Man be today? An angel? A god? Or just a humble man?” … “Tony’s going to try and strip the idea of Iron Man all the way down to its metal core, something that will constantly be at odds with his giant ego. We’ll see if he can truly keep his arrogant self-image in check, even as others with god complexes set their sights on the entire universe.”

Iron Man #1 is scheduled for launch in September. Marvel put online a promotional video about the new title:

Iron Man #1 (2020) cover by Alex Ross
Iron Man armor design sketch by Alex Ross
Iron Man armor design sketch by Alex Ross


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