Sorry Virginia, Brian Michael Bendis’s Superman Run Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon…

Yesterday, it was reported that Brian Michael Bendis would be ending his run on the Superman comics. Fans rejoiced. Much celebration was had. But sadly, I was waiting. Rocking in my rocking chair knowing the sad awful truth.

Bendis isn’t going anywhere.

When he says, “I’m heading toward the end of my run.” you have to remember the way Bendis writes comics. That it takes ages for him to churn out a story. That he doesn’t do simply just a simple “ending arc”. No, this takes multiple issues and several more years. The evil that has blighted the Superman comics since 2018 isn’t over…

Yes, today Bendis himself confirmed, what I knew was coming, that the evil will be on the book for years to come.

Yes, more Roger Zadar, the monster who destroyed Krypton. Jonathan Kent, the once beacon of fun and joy that held the Rebirth comics will be aged even more to make you make you furious at. More of the never-ending event that is Leviathan that no one cares for will endure. Yes, more villains that’ll be introduced that no one will remember when Bendis finally decides to leave.

You can start screaming now. Yes, scream as loud as you can. I want to hear the cries of your sweet utter agony! LET YOUR SUFFERING BE AS ETERNAL AS THE WRITING OF BENDIS!!!

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