Comic Readers Perplexed at Black Label One-shot ‘Birds of Prey’ Actually Being Released!

Comic readers were awfully perplexed today when either going to their comic shop or going to Comixlogy to find the Black Label Birds of Prey #1 one-shot was actually released. Yes, the very often delayed comic that had started as an ongoing then went to a Black Label mini (which would have been damn confusing with TWO of them out there) and then downgraded to a kind of cheap one-shot was actually released today.

We reached out DC intern Vlad Kozinkerov¬†for an answer. “They say publish comic today. They no care for any remaining errors. So Vlad does so. Vlad is happy the comic is out. Now Vlad can focus on.. oh right. That was supposed to be the ongoing which we made a mini then into a one-shot. Vlad is sad now. There is no ongoing now to look forward too.”

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