Yesss… A New IDW ‘Transformers: Beast Wars’ Comic Series Coming “Very Soon”

Though in-person comic conventions are cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, Comic-Con International is throwing a WonderCon@Home virtual convention (basically a series of YouTube videos). IDW Publishing was the subject of one of the videos, titled IDW 2020 The Future of Comics… Today! hosted by IDW president/publisher Chris Ryall and editor-in-chief John Barber. In it, the two did some Q&A about the various properties IDW publishes and even dropped a news tidbit.

At around the 45:35 mark in the video Ryall sent a prompt to Barber to announce that a new Transformers: Beast Wars comic series was on the way:

“They’ll be a new Beast Wars series coming very soon.”

Not much was revealed about the title, but here is a little more of what he said about the title:

“I know more details about it… um I know a little more about it than that, but we’re not ready to tell anything, but yeah it’s gonna be the anniversary of Beast Wars… It’ll be exciting to come back into that world… Over the years we had a lot of the characters show up… I personally have given short shrift to a lot of those Beast Wars characters in stories I’ve written. Sorry. This won’t be that. This will be genuine Beast Wars that I think a lot of people grew up with and a lot of people love.”

IDW published some Beast Wars comics back in 2006, and the characters from that series did appear in other Transformers series later, but Barber is correct in that they were not the same as in the original 1996 Beast Wars: Transformers animated series. For those not familiar, the original computer generated animated series featured a new generation of Transformers, the Maximals and Predacons. The Maximals perused the fugitive Predacons through a transwarp portal, battle, then both ships crash land on a mysterious planet. They take the form of the life-forms of the planet, and the beast wars begin.

Barber did not reveal the creative team or launch date of the new series. However, he did mention the anniversary of Beast Wars. Since Beast Wars launched in 1996, it would make sense that the new series might launch during 2021, the 25th anniversary of the animated series (or if they release in 2020, they could be late for the series’ finale in 1999). We don’t know.

Here is the full IDW 2020 The Future of Comics… Today! video:



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