‘Labyrinth’ Sequel Gets Strange Director

A follow-up to the 1986 fan-favorite Labyrinth movie has been talked about since at least 2014, with a reboot announced in 2016. Since then, the buzz has died down about the project, but it seems like the project is still alive. This week, it was revealed that Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson will direct the Labyrinth successor, after forfeiting his directorial role for the Doctor Strange sequel.

The original movie centered around Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), a teenage girl, who ventured to the center of a giant maze to rescue her infant brother whom she previously wished away to Jareth the Goblin King (the late, great David Bowie). The upcoming film will now be written by Maggie Levin, no details have been released about the next film’s story. Though not having any film sequels, Labyrinth did have some of its story continued in books and comics.

No release date or title has been announced for this follow-up. The movie will be produced by TriStar Pictures, a division of Sony.

It looks like Jim Henson’s legacy is still alive, with the Dark Crystal finally getting its prequel, and now this.

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