Sony Hoping for a Jackpot in ‘Jackpot’ Movie; Obvious Sign of Overusing Spider-Man IP!

You know if you asked any fan of Marvel comics on who deserves an actual live-action solo picture of the vast array of Spider-Man characters Sony owns, I highly doubt Jackpot would be even considered or mentioned in any list. Even after the Sony online leak from a few years back that detailed a Jackpot movie. You’d think Sony would focus on a more worthy character like Silk (who supposedly will be getting a solo movie, but apparently not one as fast-tracked like this one), Mayday Parker, or Anya Corazon at this point.

But no– Sony is fixated on a Jackpot movie and a Jackpot movie is what they want! Today Deadline reported the news that Sony has approved the character’s creator former Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim┬áhas signed on to write the script for the film.

Perhaps it is Guggenheim himself is the reason why Sony is drooling over the prospect of the film. The writer/producer wrote the crux of appearances of the two characters (yes, two) who took on the identity. But the thing is… the arc came about during the infamous Spider-Man period of “Brand New Day”. A time period when many hoped this character was a super-powered Mary Jane Watson (given the very name). BUT– that was so not the case, and the character was well buried in obscurity.

But if you haven’t noticed, it appears Sony is very much dipping itself a bit too much into the Spider-Man IP. What with the Morbius (why is this still a thing?) and Venom sequel in the can. We’re still waiting forever for the sequel we all want, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2. Like Jackpot, of all things Sony also just recently greenlight a Madame Web movie along with Nightwatch. Because– yes, if one is going to oversaturate the superhero genre, it’ll be Sony.

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