Warner Bros. To Spend $20 Million+ On Releasing Snyder Cut Of Justice League

Since the release, and subsequent criticism, of Justice League, “fans” have been clamoring for the Snyder Cut of the movie. For the unaware, director Zack Snyder stepped down during post-production of the movie after the death of his daughter. Joss Whedon then finished the movie. Any negativity for the movie was then directed towards Whedon instead of Snyder.

#ReleaseTheSnyderCut has been seen on Twitter over the last two years as “fans” petitioned Warner Bros. to release his version of the movie. The catch is though that his version of the movie was unfinished. Now, WB will spend over $20 million in order to shut up fanboys. Sources told Hollywood Reporter it could be as high as $30 million.

Snyder’s version of Justice League will be coming to HBO Max, the WarnerMedia digital streaming service launching May 27, and is expected to debut in 2021. It will either air as a four hour cut or in six chapters.

Snyder and his wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder are reassembling their team to score, cut, add new and finish old visual effects, and maybe bring back the actors to record additional dialogue.

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