‘Mega Man: Fully Charged’ Gets Extra Life As A Comic Mini

In 2015, the beloved videogame mascot Mega Man who first debuted in 1987, had an interesting year. A new animated series by the crew at Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Big Hero 6) was announced, and on the videogame front Mega Man Legacy Collection arrived. It wasn’t all roses though as on the comic book front, the series by Archie Comics, was put on indefinite hiatus.

The animated series, eventually revealed as Mega Man: Fully Charged, took a while to develop and eventually hit Cartoon Network in 2018. The design of Mega Man… well, it did not really resemble the typical look of the character, though we guess it was better than the box art from the original game’s US release. The show ran from August 5, 2018 to May 23, 2019.

Mega Man: Fully Charged animated series promotional image

On the comic front, the property remained largely quiet, except for reprints of the manga by Udon.

Well, today Mega Man: Fully Charged is back as a 6-issue comic book mini-series by BOOM! Studios… and his design is creepier than ever. The mini-series will retain the animated show’s title and will be written by A.J. Marchisello and Marcus Rinehart, with art by Stefano Simeone.

Here is how BOOM! Describes the mini-series, which is scheduled to arrive in August:

After Mega Man’s father Dr. Light is kidnapped, a shocking truth rocks Mega Man’s world as it seems the Robot Masters know more about his secret history than he does. But as Dr. Wily’s machinations trigger Mega Man’s forgotten memories of the brutal human/robot war, our hero is left to question just who he is and if he can trust anything or anyone – including the man he calls father.

Mega Man: Fully Charged #1 main cover by Toni Infante
Mega Man: Fully Charged #1 variant cover by Miguel Mercado
Mega Man: Fully Charged design for Aki Light (Mega Man out of armor) by Stefano Simeone
Mega Man: Fully Charged design for Mega Man by Stefano Simeone


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