Tom Taylor Teases a Mysterious New DC Project!

So tonight on Twitter, writer/heart-breaker extraordinary Tom Taylor teased that he had gotten something from DC Comics, and was allowed to share it in a few minutes. The image was this with the caption:

“I want them to be remembered.”

So let’s rattle off what we know. #1 that is Dustin Nguyen‘s art. That sure as hell isn’t a DCeased: Dead Planet #1 teaser. #2 the characters in the “photo” are Jon Kent (looking rather back when people loved the character during the Rebirth Era before Brian Michael Bendis said, “I’m gonna ruin it!” and then aged him way the heck up– because Bendis?), Damian Wayne, and Stephanie Brown as Robin?

Now, we know Stephanie’s time as Robin was put back by DC earlier this year (but also kind of took away her time as Batgirl). This looks like it could be another annual (Taylor already wrote one, Batman Annual #3, that many adored). We now come a certain point “maybe” that DC will release their official timeline chart. Could this be a story that is inserted in that new timeline? These are all just theories of course, but I’m just going with what I’ve heard, and what I’m seeing with the evidence provided.

I guess we’ll find out more when either Taylor or DC provide more information. Until then– START SPECULATING FOLKS!


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