Boba Fett is Coming to ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2!

Boba Fett is coming to the Mandalorian Season 2. I repeat BOBA FETT is coming to the new season of the Mandalorian! The scantly appearing bounty hunter who first debuted in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special before showing up in the Empire Strikes Back (1980). Ever since Disney had bought Lucasfilm and promised a new trilogy fans have been clamoring for more Fett. The character almost had a solo-Star Wars film directed by Josh Trank, before Kathleen Kennedy common sense hit her realizing she just hired the director of Fan4stic.

Since then the character has only appeared in Marvel comics, and that’s it. Which is surprising given to this day the character is still beloved by fans. Well, it appears the Fett is finally coming to live-action.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that (who played Boba’s “father’ Jango Fett, and later who’s voice was redubbed over original Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch) will be playing the character in a “short” capacity in Season 2 of the Mandalorian. “short” translation being another cameo or a one episode appearance. Which isn’t at all surprising given many fans speculated in episode five of the first season which had the only end stinger:

Not to mention, the character was the first we ever got a taste of the Mandalorian culture (or at the least the armor). It should be curious to see where the character goes.

The thing is though, if Morrison is coming on board for just a one-off there’s a possibility it won’t be just one character he could be playing. Remember Boba wasn’t the only clone of Jango out there in the Star Wars universe (and one we know who is still kicking). We know Ahoska Tano (who will be played by Rosario Dawson) will be showing up in this new season. If there is Ahoska then Captain Rex shouldn’t be behind:

I guess we’ll see when the Mandalorian Season Two will arrive on Disney+ later this year.


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