Realizing Release Date is Close, DC Pushes ‘Birds of Prey #1’ Back Again Another Month!

I guess April 22nd wasn’t meant to be…

DC Comics announced it’s rescheduled solicitations today (here’s the list in full via Newsarama) and among those listed is the original ongoing changed into a Black Label mini and then a massive one-shot comic, Birds of Prey #1 for June 2nd.

The often-delayed comic has had problem in premiering ever since it was announced way back in July (almost a full year– can it reach that level?! I think it can!). Since then the comic, written by  Brian Azzarello and art by Emanuala Luppachino has had delay after delay after delay hit it. Not to mention it going from an ongoing comic to a mini-series to a one-shot.

For something that seems completed, it seems not so. Or is always getting changed up for some odd reason.

The fact that the other Black Label mini centered on the Birds of Prey movie (that just so happened to be released in February like the movie) entitled Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey has already had one issue published with its second ironically going to be released on June 23rd.

So yes, comic readers can buy two Black Label Birds of Prey comics in June. …. Hopefully. .. Oh who we kidding this comic is gonna get delayed into July or all the way to October won’t it? This is New Mutants movie all over again.

Wait a second…

This is an interesting idea. Which will be released first? The often delayed New Mutants movie or the Birds of Prey comic? Or are we entering 2020’s endgame? That the moment either or bothis released the world explodes?

I guess we’ll find out on June

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