New Live-Action ‘Transformers’ Movie Dated, New ‘G.I. Joe’ Movie In Development

The Hasbro movie universe lives! Paramount has gone ahead and given a date for the next live-action movie (not to be confused with the animated one) in the Transformers franchise. The film will crash land into theaters June 24, 2022. It hasn’t been specified if the film will be the rumored Beast Wars film, a Bumblebee sequel, or something else. For Ace Pony reporter Zechs‘ sake, we hope a sequel to The Last Knight is back on again.

Another Hasbro property, G.I. Joe, is also getting another film. The G.I. Joe spin-off film, Snake Eyes, was originally supposed to release on March 27, 2020 but that was moved to October 23. We’ll see if that holds with the current pandemic situation still persisting. At any rate, it is being reported that writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse are writing a sequel in the G.I. Joe universe which will “further expand the IP”. A date was not revealed for this movie, but knowing is half the battle.

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