Millionaire Upset He Can’t Go To The Beach

Rob Liefeld needs no introduction but I’ll give him one. He’s like Surge, cool in the 90s, but not that good with modern taste buds.

Rob took to Twitter to share his disapproval in California Governor Gavin Newsom closing beaches in Orange County, just south of Los Angeles.

Overreach also sounds like a new Rob character who is another clone of Cable but with slightly longer arms. Which might actually come in handy when you’re socially distancing.

California is currently the state with the fifth highest confirmed COVID-19 cases with 46,000 cases. Nearly half of these 22,500 cases are in Los Angeles county. Again, just north of Orange County.

But Rob is looking forward to voting out Governor Newsom so he can go back to the beach.

Tim Seeley wasn’t letting Rob off the hook, coming to Governor Newsom’s defense.

All in all, it just seems like Rob wants to bury his feet in the sand for drawing inspiration.

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