LEGO Builds Exclusive Connection With Universal Pictures

LEGO, the company famous for its brick building toys, has had animated features made based on their properties since the Bionicle days. Most famously though, have been through their partnership with Warner Bros. which resulted in the blockbuster hit The LEGO Movie, and its sequel, plus its spin-off The LEGO Batman Movie. Well, it looks like LEGO is looking for a new motion picture partner and has settled on Universal Pictures.

The LEGO Group made the announcement today alongside Universal, for a five-year exclusive agreement which will allow the LEGO Group to:

“… develop, produce and distribute theatrical releases based on its intellectual property and original ideas.”

The wording puts into question if any of the properties created with Warner Bros. (eg. LEGO Batman) will carry on into the future in animated form, though there is still a LEGO Shazam! direct-to-video feature still upcoming. It does sound like they are free to create more features of their own properties, such they did with Ninjago. LEGO has partnered with Universal before on Jurassic World specials and the 13-episode series LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar.

No titles or release dates were revealed in the announcement.

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