Abrams-Led ‘Justice League Dark’ Project A Go At HBO… Max

Back in January it was revealed that J.J. Abrams‘ company Bad Robot had some Justice League Dark projects in the works. It appears that that deal has been finalized and Abrams has selected three projects to go forward with on the upcoming Warner Bros. streaming platform HBO Max and one of them is indeed Justice League Dark related.

The Justice League Dark project is so far a mystery. The brief description does not explicitly confirm the Justice League Dark team, but rather an “untitled drama based on characters in the so-called Justice League Dark universe”. We’re not sure what to make of that, but we guess time will have to tell.

The other two projects Abrams will be involved with are a Stephen King-The Shining series called Overlook, and an original series co-created by Abrams called Duster which tells the tale of “the life of a gutsy getaway driver for a growing crime syndicate who goes from awful to wildly, stupidly, dangerously awful.”

The Justice League Dark-related series will join the other DC series shows promised for HBO Max, which include Batwoman, Green Lantern, DC Super Hero High, and Strange Adventures. HBO Max is expected to launch in May 2020, when the Justice League Dark series will stream is so far a mystery.

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