Comics Pit Shocker: Next ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Avatar’ Films Maintain Planned Release Dates

The COVID-19 pandemic thew many industries into chaos, including the movie industry. Even the juggernaut of Disney had to change up its schedule, pulling many upcoming films from scheduled release. Several entertainment outlets reported on the updated schedule that Disney finally settled on, but interestingly a few movies were not as reported on.

The more recent Star Wars films had fans quite polarized, moving the company to re-evaluate how often they would produce their big screen efforts, with then Disney CEO Bob Iger saying their near efforts would focus on the smaller screen.

Similarly, a sequel to the recently dethroned box office king, Avatar, has faced both development issues and doubt that a sequel (let alone multiple) would be the draw that the original was. In 2019 though, Disney announced the next films for both franchises would be coming out in 2021 (Avatar) and 2022 (Star Wars)… and shockingly, that hasn’t changed.

In The Walt Disney Studios‘ own updated film release schedule, the two films retained the release dates set last year:

  • AVATAR 2 (20th Century Studios)—December 17, 2021
  • Untitled Star Wars (Lucasfilm)—December 16, 2022

Cameron has supposedly had a storyline in his head for Avatar sequels for a while now. As for what the untitled Star Wars film might be, that is also up in the air. That slot was supposedly for the Benioff & Weiss film, but they exited that project. It’s possible it could be the first of the Rian Johnson films, or maybe the rumored Dillard & Owens film. Heck, who knows, maybe they’ll do film set in the High Republic or have Baby Yoda extravaganza. Guess we’ll have to see…

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