Ryan Reynolds In Talks For Live-Action ‘Dragon’s Lair’ Feature Via Netflix

Dragon’s Lair started out as a videogame in 1983. It was notable for its laserdisc-based animated graphics by Dob Bluth. There were several sequels to the game, a comic, and an animated series in 1984. More recently a Kickstarter for an animated movie was cancelled, but that isn’t stopping Netflix from trying the live-action route.

The streaming giant announced today that they are in talks with an actor who is used to having onscreen violence done to him to play Dirk the Daring: Ryan Reynolds. Yes, the guy who played Deadpool in the movies (also Green Lantern and the voice of Detective Pikachu). It sounds like they will also have Princess Daphne and the dragon in the feature as well, though those haven’t had casting announcements yet. Don Bluth is onboard as a producer of the show, along with Trevor Engelson, Gary Goldman, Roy Lee, and Jon Pomeroy. Daniel and Kevin Hageman are writing the feature.

No release date was announced for the live-action feature.

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