Harley Quinn Season Two Trailer Promises Lewder, Cruder, more Bane and Batgirl too!

Season 2 of Harley Quinn is surprisingly just over the horizon on April 3rd. So it isn’t at all surprising that we’re getting a trailer for the new season. It has a lot to offer. New villains (Alfred Molina as Mr. Freeze? YES! Along with possible Darkseid and one second appearance of Sasha Lathan as Selina Kyle/Catwoman). More glorious Bane parodying The Dark Knight Rises. Plus some ship teasing as well.

Oh, and yeah Batgirl shows up in the trailer too. Sadly, those thinking with the No Man’s Land adaption we’d be getting another Batgirl. Nope we’re getting Barbara Gordon yet again in the role, voiced by Briana Cuoco.

It also looks like Harley, Ivy, and Barbara will be hanging outside their respective identities as well. Or is it a flashback? Here’s the trailer:

Harley Quinn returns to DC Universe streaming service on April 3rd.

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