Dead Legends Gears Up for Around Bloody Round in 2021!

So when I was on the lookout for a new comic to buy last year, Joseph P. Illidge recommended to me a comic that had things I truly enjoy. When Joseph P. Illidge recommends a comic. You read that comic! That comic was Dead Legends written by James Maddox and drawn by Gavin Smith from A Wave Blue World publishing.

The original five-issue mini followed Yan Nakamara who goes on a quest to avenge her husband, and take on any being who gets in her way including the mysterious assassin Red Death, who has her own agenda. Both characters paths lead them to a tournament were any style of fighting goes.

So yes, the homages are thick in this comic that scratches various itches that I really love. Not only that #4 was the hype that many told, as it delivered a spectacular bone-crushing brawl that just is so rare to read in comics nowadays. Not to mention such a satisfying final issue that left me wanting more.

It’s even more amusing meeting both Smith and Maddox at this year’s C2E2, and learning the in print trade to the first volume had a bonus stinger, that wasn’t in print or digital single releases. So I just had to buy that trade on sight. Not to mention getting Smith to draw a certain comic character. Course, now if I ever get another commission from him. It’ll probably be Red Death.

So yes, you can see the glee in reading this comic and the time I spent talking getting some goodies from this creative team. And because of that, it’s with great satisfaction to get my wish granted as the creative team is coming back for the sequel series, Dead Legends Vol. 2 (as revealed on Newsarama) again from A Wave Blue World.

It’ll find Yan now living with the aftermath of the first series, as the Tiger Clan seeks to avenge their fallen leader, Blind Tiger (who was killed by Yan), targeting her for death. With death following Yan that means Red Death will figure into this as well (well she’s on the cover art to Vol. 2 with Yan slicing and dicing some Tiger Clan ninjas). Speaking of said cover art here it is (from Rama as well drawn by Smith):

There will no doubt be gloriously drawn fights by Smith, and some equally hard-hitting dialogue by Maddox. The true wildcard I can’t wait is to see Yan smashing her fist or foot up against a foe while balancing her kid in the other.

Volume 2 will arrive in 2021 and release just like the original in a hybrid format. #1 will be sold digitally and in print, while the remaining issues will be sold digitally. A trade will arrive two months after #1’s release.

I am ready for all of this. You all should be ready for this.




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