In Light of Toilet Paper Shortage, We Recommend these Dan DiDio Era DC Comics to Substitute Instead!

With it becoming known grocery stores are starting to run out of items most notably toilet paper, and well since Bleeding Cool suggested it. We hear at the Comics Pit have our own suggestions. One to hamper the lack of toilet paper while also celebrating the recent end of Dan DiDio-era of DC (I mean Marvel too has their own, but can I ask you does it match the soft fiber that a page from a Dan DiDio-DC Comic offers?).

So with that in mind here are alternate DC Comics that are cheaper than actual toilet paper and can service you in this time of great need:

Batman: War Games

Yes let’s start this with this insanely long event that ushered all the qualities we hate about Dan DiDio era on DC. The comic is so gosh darn long. It is grim beyond belief. Needlessly kills off Stephanie Brown and Orpheus. And is a story that the only positive people want to remember for it, was Stephanie Brown being Robin prior to it.

Except you know. That was the whole point the creative team did. Giving this one good moment before slapping so much darkness into it.

Future’s End

Another needlessly long DC weekly event story that lasted fifty-two issues that really has no ending. If the opening issue of Black Canary’s face stitched onto Frankenstein doesn’t make you run. Then fifty-two issues of a plot to stop something that just leads into an ongoing comic in Batman Beyond that then buries this event. On the plus due to it’s huge length the pages should last you a month.

Justice League: Cry for Justice

On the plus side (or maybe the downside) the story isn’t as long like the others. Clocking in at a whopping seven issues. The comic is just a huge slap in the face to long time readers besides carrying out some grievous character moments. Like Hal Jordan mentioning a three-way he had with Lady Blackhawk and Huntress. Roy Harper getting his arm sliced off, or then having his young daughter Lian Harper killed off later in the comic for shock value.

Or the domino of bad comic effect where this comic lead into equally bad mini the Rise of Arsenal and Titans. All of which are actually also worthy choices to use as toilet paper.

One Year Later

The stories themselves are infamous to any DC fan. Mention Robin, Hawkgirl, Nightwing, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman and then the words “One Year Later” to make them seethe in utter rage. It was an easy idea for new status quos for the DCU, that ended up failing in spectacular fashion. Not only that, but massive delays on occurred on even some of the best of these stories (Green Lantern’s didn’t even finish until some months after the event was done) It also has that Dan DiDio love of disrespecting 90s legacy heroes, and of course has that grim hopeless charm.

Identity Crisis

The event comic that truly kicked that Dan DiDio truly wanted all to know he was the brainchild of. Where to start? Other than, the story has been spoken of for years on how awful it was. The injustice it does to the various characters involved. How awful the twists were. And just the overall dark dingy message it gives in the end. Oh, and it kicked off another event INFINITE CRISIS which in turn kicked off another event. So on.. and so forth.

The New 52

At this point it’s almost a “nuff said” with all that happened with this era of DC Comics. The high collared costumes. The dark gritty revamps of classic DC characters. Spitting in the face and flipping the bird to the one thing DC had an edge over Marvel at the time in legacy characters. Oh, and horribly creative teams jumping off just as soon as they got on. Oh, and a subplot (Pandora) that ended up being worthless. All the Dan DiDio classic hallmarks.

Amazons Attack!

Now it is tempting to put Countdown to Final Crisis on here, given as DiDio himself once stated it was “52” done right. But honestly there was a charm to the comic. So bad it was good. This however, was so not that. A spinoff idea from Infinite Crisis that should have been left just cut entirely. This event was– well just awful. The only positive one can ever say is we got the “deadly bee” line from Batman in the comic. Bees. My God. The whole entire point of the comic was to tie into the said fifty-two issue comic above.

So really if you only collected this tale and this tale alone. You got– nothing. No real closure and no real sense of a completely good story. Just a mess.

Now it should be warned reading any of these comics may result in great butt hurt as well. Given they were all rage-inducing stories during the “great” era of DiDio. Yes, I did leave Heroes in Crisis off the list. Because goddammit even if I truly hate the story, the art by Clay Mann is too gorgeous not to ruin.

It is also so very easy to say the end of City of Bane aka Tom King‘s ending run on Batman or Brian Michael Bendis‘s Superman runs would be equal suspects to add to this list. But, I am ever the kind soul, so go ahead and add them.

I also know there is way more comics out there to mention. But I rather want to forget those purposely. Part of me wanted to suggest those needlessly holo comics. While cheap they maybe now. They probably will feel awful.


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