C2E2 2020: A Look Back

Yes, it’s taken me forever to write this. Yes, C2E2 was two weeks ago and it feels like an eternity from now and then. As for the reasons why it’s taken me to write this article. Well…

I have to fully confess I originally wasn’t looking forward to going to this year’s C2E2. I know its crazy to think, but things happened personally a few weeks prior to to the convention. Learning things I never knew about a person who I thought I did. Things that shook me to my very core. It didn’t help matters that already I was questioning the passion I’ve had for this industry with the way DC Comics prior has just been a big ball of “meh” save for a single ongoing, a few mini’s, and one very appreciated graphic novel (that really helped me thru this period as well). Not only that, but the ramifications of said events where some things happened but said person got a slap on the hand basically.

It didn’t help this feeling was so bad my stomach was in knots for days prior. Not being able to sleep. Thinking of the shit that was going on, and being kind of helpless really being in a very small market press now where we’re funding the bill, and it’s kind of small money as it is. It made me depressed at that realization of being helpless to those who needed help. I just kept thinking back to all that happened.

Probably why you hadn’t seen many articles in the last few weeks because of how much these events had rocked me to my core. I was lost– and it took a lot of people to drag me back from this funk. The turning point was two days prior when a friend who stood in front of this emotional storm that I was helpless toward eased my realization this C2E2 wouldn’t be the great disaster that I kept thinking it would become.

Even with that comfort, my spirit was still shattered and the passionate fire you all know me for was but a small flicker. I needed something to remind me why I enjoyed comics to begin with and the creators behind them who have this passion as well. So with that, I went in on Thursday just trying to find the spark again.

And really this C2E2 gave me what I needed. Meeting creators who I’ve wanted meet this year after so long and just talking with them. Geeking out on their creations. Finding new artists and just throwing money to own their art in either prints or art because I am a sucker for wanting to own various amounts of art. Going up and down artist alley diving into whatever new stuff that was there. And there was a lot to take in. Like literally I bought fifteen books, and kind of ruined my laptop bag in the process of doing so. But I didn’t care. Because what I did was seeing this passion of the industry that I needed to see again.

To see why I do what I do.

I really leaped at it. Taking so many damn photos I made three freaking articles on it. Met with creators for future interviews, and after the mess that these last few weeks go back and talk to them. Because creators are starving because of the cons being canceled or pushed back. This season is their source of income. C2E2 2020 was supposed to be the first salvo of convention season, and now it’s looking like the calm before this unholy shitstorm was unleashed.

I’m glad it did come. It gave me the remedy I needed.

The panels were amazing to attend (the six I did). It was spectacular going to a wrestling podcast panel and seeing Orange Cassidy of AEW in person. To attend a panel Sveengolie and just take in the fan appreciation for this man who so deserved it.

Besides the other things like hearing tales from friends of crazy con stories and hang with them. Or just hanging out on the floor and taking in the glorious cosplay. Plus again, dipping into artist alley. It was hilarious seeing friends see me do my thing. This event really helped me when I sorely needed it.

So with that said, in light of all the craziness going on. I implore all if you do have the chance to help creators. Buy their prints, art, books in whatever ways you can. Either at their online shops or buy their books digitally. Because they sorely need it in this time of need.

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