DC Pushes Birds of Prey #1 Back After It is Almost Accidentally Released!

Will we ever see Brian Azzarello and Emanuala Luppachino’s Birds of Prey? The very awkward journey of this comic has been honestly (and probably) be more entertaining than the actual story we’ll get in the book itself. If only we’d get the whole story on why this comic has been delayed so much. But for those who don’t know…

Originally, the comic was announced by DC Comics and was to start an all-new ongoing featuring the characters (and Harley Quinn) to be released in October 2019. Then rather abruptly (and with two monthly solicitations in and a month before release) the ongoing was pulled.

The book was then resolicited to the Black Label imprint, and was now a mini-series that was to be released right before the live-action movie. HOWEVER, not soon after that, the mini was then downgraded even further to a one-shot. A rather bang for your buck one-shot (where you’d get 96 pages for $9.99). Once again, the title was pushed from it’s January release date (the 29th) to several weeks after the live-action movie’s debut (March) then pushed to April 1st.

You’d think the story would end there with the book about to be released in just a few weeks, but NOPE. Today, DC announced that the book would AGAIN be delayed. It will now be released on April 22nd.

It should be noted that Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are also on a Black Label brand, Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey mini-series (three issues), and somehow this comic will be on it’s second issue (which is scheduled to be released in April, and it’s a BI-MONTHLY book that was announced later than this one during NYCC back in October).

Yet this book by Azzarello and Luppachino seems cursed. Delay after delay has hit this book. Will April 22nd actually be the release for this comic?

Only time will tell…

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