Family Guy Writer Patrick Meighan Releasing Free Comic She Kills

Family Guy writer and executive producer Patrick Meighan has teamed with artist Gabo, letterist Taylor Esposito, and editor Ashley V. Robinson for the new comic She Kills.

She Kills​​—a Tongva Native American woman—has one knife, one daughter, and zero yū-ah’s to give. Based on historical events of the indigenous southwest, ​She Kills​​ struggles to survive lynch mobs, lawless psychopaths, and worst of all, her daughter, Joaquin Dos, who is about to turn 13. Dos will soon learn what kind of person her mother really is. And She Kills​​​ will learn just how far her daughter is willing to go to claim her independence. With violence and evil trying to drive a wedge between them at every step, if they survive, will the fury leave deep, debilitating scars?

She Kills will be broken up into three parts with the first releasing online April 8, 2020. The following parts will release May 13 and June 10. All parts will be able to read online for free.

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