Reeves Previews ‘The Batman’ Batmobile, 2021 Model

Last month The Batman director Matt Reeves teased Batman‘s new look for his upcoming film. A little less than a month later, we are getting another tease from the movie. This time it is Batman’s iconic ride, the Batmobile. Will it be winged jet engine like in the 1989 film or more military-ish like the one from the Dark Knight and Justice League films? Turns out it looks like something Vin Diesel might want to drive furiously…

Reeves shared a few looks at the new Batmobile in a tweet today. If you look closely, you can also see The Batman himself skulking around his new ride…

Batmobile from The Batman (2021)
Batmobile from The Batman (2021)
Batmobile from The Batman (2021)

You can watch The Batman do a test drive June 25, 2021.

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