‘Justice League Dark: Apoklips War’ Trailer Teases End of Movie Universe!

Though the title says Justice League Dark: Apoklips War, if we’re to gauge from the latest trailer for “the New 52 Animated Universe”, there’s only three members from the original movie in this one (which begs the question how the Demon is running around when they killed off his host in the first, so a new host? But who?).

Not only that but plot points from the last Superman movie are touched on here (with Darkseid wanting to conquer Earth along with making more Doomsdays after being revealed having created the original). Then there’s Robin (Damian Wayne) and Raven from the Teen Titans movies showing up in here too as leads. With then basically everyone else whoever has still survived these films showing up.

Here’s the trailer which was released by IGN:

There is really a lot to process in these mere two minutes, other than of course this does feel like an end to these run of films. Will it be? I guess we shall see when Justice League Dark: Apoklips War is released in the early Spring (probably in April). The movie like the original will be rated-R for John Constantine being a lead character.

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