IDW To Publish A Small Portion Of Golden’s Run In ‘Michael Golden’s Micronauts Artist’s Edition’

The first Micronauts comic series launched in 1979 published by Marvel. The first twelve issues, illustrated by Michael Golden, is a classic but due to some rights issues, hasn’t been republished recently. Since the Micronauts license left Marvel (1986), the property traveled to a few different comic companies, finally landing with IDW in 2015, with its first series starting in 2016. Micronauts doesn’t have a current series, but IDW does have some Micronauts content this Summer.

IDW will be publishing Michael Golden’s Micronauts Artist’s Edition in June. The Artist’s Edition line is a series of hardcover books, printed the same size as the original pages (12″ x 17″ in this case), usually shown with black and white inked art, scanned from the originals when possible. Unfortunately, only half of Golden’s run will be included in this Artist’s Edition which will include issues #3, #7-#9, and #11-#12. However, the book will also include “a gallery section of more than a dozen covers, art rarities from the era, and additional pages“.

Also, a portion of each sale of this book will be donated to Micronauts writer Bill Mantlo, who was injured in a 1992 hit-and-run and continues to need treatment. That’s a good cause.

Micronauts promotional art by Michael Golden
Michael Golden’s Micronauts Artist’s Edition cover (Micronauts #2 cover) by Michael Golden
Sample page from Micronauts #11 by Michael Golden
Sample page from Micronauts #11 by Michael Golden
Micronauts art by Michael Golden


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