In Huge Blow To Industry, Gamestop To Stop Selling Comics

In what can only signal a death knell to the comic book industry, Gamestop has made the decision to stop selling comics.

The video game retailer announced in June 2018 that they would prop up their dying industry by also selling product from another dying industry. Recently, the company confirmed that selling comics would not be a “good proposition” for the company.

A Gamestop rep spoke to fast food centric PR firm about the move:

“Our team of merchandising experts are constantly exploring what new products we should offer in our stores, based on customer demand. While we initially conducted a small comic book test in our ThinkGeek stores, as this time we are not planning on offering comic books inside our stores. The number of SKUs we would have to carry to ensure we offered a wide selection of comic books verses the lack of customer demand at this time simply does not make offering comic books in our stores a good proposition.”

Despite the announcement in 2018, not much has appeared to gone forward with the move. Although Gamestop did partner with non-monopolistic monopoly Diamond Comic Distributors to do test runs.

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