New York Toy Fair 2020

New York Toy Fair 2020 hasn’t even begun yet officially, and already the rumblings of what we’ve seen that’s going to be offered by Hasbro are sending shock waves across the toy community.

So far the company appears to be FINALLY dusting off their G.I. Joe franchise with an apparent 6′ inch line of figures (which a Snake-Eyes is apparently going to be available at this very convention).

But that’s not all. Of course, Hasbro is going to show off all sorts of Baby Yoda merchandise from the Mandalorian and here’s one of the darn things they’re pushing:

Of course, the thing that kicked all of this was this vehicle from the series being shown off as well:

But Hasbro wasn’t just showing off from these two lines. Nope. They also revealed an exclusive Power Rangers two-pack that’ll be GameStop exclusive (Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd with freaking silver paint on his claws).

Then today (well really fans knew it was coming due to a leak), Hasbro revealed a few of the Transformers that’ll be released sometime this year. A new Arcee (deluxe class?), Commander-Class Sky-Lynx, and Titan-Class Scorpnok!

These figures are merely the appetizer. You just know Hasbro will have more to show off at the convention.

Not only that, but we can surely expect Mattel to show off the new Masters of the Universe line that’ll be debuting later this year. We’ll also have NECA Toys showing off their latest goodies from the various licenses they have (TMNT, Predator, Aliens, Terminator, and various horror related figures). Super 7 will no doubt show off their own TMNT line, Thundercats, Conan, NJPW, and the last breath of their own MotU line with SNAKE MOUNTAIN. If that wasn’t enough you just know merchandise for Godzilla vs. Kong will be there.

Oh, yeah I guess DC Comics will have a presence too. With their own figure producing company hopefully showing off something Wonder Woman related. Not only that, but one can expect Spinmasters and McFarlane Toys to be full steam ahead on their own DC stuff.

For all the latest reveals of the Toy Fair you can check out the Toy Shed thread over in the Comics Pit forums.

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