New ‘Spider-Man’ Titles Keep Coming With ‘Non-Stop Spider-Man’

Everyone’s favorite web-slinger Spider-Man already has an ongoing series, an oft-delayed mini-series, and appears in many other titles each month, but that won’t stop Marvel from adding one more. The newest Spidey ongoing series is Non-Stop Spider-Man, which sounds like a reference to his appearances, but we guess refers to the action-heavy nature of the title. To quote Marvel:

NON-STOP SPIDER-MAN will combine the pulse-pounding action Spidey is known for with even MORE pulse-pounding action! Prepare for the comic book ride of your life featuring Spidey’s best villains and his most amazing feats!

Announced at ComicsPRO in Portland, Oregon, Non-Stop will be brought to you by writer Joe Kelly and artist Chris Bachalo starting in June.

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 cover by David Finch

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