Rob Liefeld Reminds Us His ‘Snake-Eyes: Deadgame’ Mini is Still a Thing!

You probably forgot that superstar creator Rob Liefeld is writing and drawing a Snake-Eyes mini for IDW. I have to be honest. I even forgot. I usually remember things. Yet, this is one thing I want to forget. The Hollywood Reporter decided to remind people such as myself this thing does exist. And it is coming sometime this June (HA!).

On the bright side, you can actually see Snake-Eyes’ feet in the preview. In fact, his feet break literally come off the panel in the preview IDW provided the THR. Wait.. Snake-Eyes also sporting not many pouches. Are we sure this really is a Liefeld comic? I mean the posing and style looks Liefeld but something feels– off.

Not too sure about the villain Snake-Eyes fights against. I’ve seen enough hentai to know where things with tentacles will usually end up on the Joe ninja. Wait, what the hell is this comic rated?!

Snake-Eyes: Deadgame will surprise us all if it actually is published in June.

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