‘Empyre’ Event Spreads Across The Pond In ‘The Union’ (Minor Update)

Marvel‘s Empyre event continues piling on the tie-ins (because what is an event without tie-ins right?) with today’s announcement of a new five-issue mini-series. For this mini-series, Marvel is headed over to Britain and introducing a brand-new superhero team. There is one familiar face in the group though, and that’s the third Union Jack, Joseph Chapman first introduced in 1980s Captain America #253 (guess MI:13 didn’t work out). Other than him, the rest of the team is a bit of a mystery. We do get the name of his teammates, all designed by The Union cover artist R.B. Silva, but no real descriptions. The book will be written by Paul Grist, with interior art by Andrea Di Vito and will be out in May.

The Union #1 cover by R.B. Silva

Here are designs for the new characters being introduced in the mini-series:

Britannia character design by R.B. Silva
Kelpie character design by R.B. Silva
Snakes character design by R.B. Silva
The Choir character design by R.B. Silva

Update: Marvel tweeted out some flavor text for The Union characters:


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