DC Comics Reboots Wrong Property in Generation One: Age of Mysteries #1!!

Having done this tired, shameless trick so many times it was finally bound to happen, and it did. After so many reboots, DC Comics finally rebooted a universe they don’t even own. In a press release yesterday, the company announced that for Comic Book Day 2020 they would be again rebooting the universe of– Transformers.

Nobody in the company has of yet told DC Publisher Dan DiDio the mistake that was made yet when he talked about the comic.

The Generation series of specials are built to bring the new Transformers timeline to life. With Generation One: Age of Mysteries and every subsequent volume we’ll be shining a spotlight on the 80-plus-year publishing history of the Transformer universe while charting the course for the bright future of Transformer’s characters. All of our greatest stories and events will create the backdrop and context for the great new adventures we have planned. Everything counts, and we guarantee there’ll be surprises along the way!

We reached out to DC intern Vlad Kozinkerov on why no one has told the publisher himself, on why they rebooted a universe they don’t even own. “Everyone wants Vlad to tell Dan, break the news. Tell Dan, that we messed up. But Vlad knows if Vlad tells Dan this. Vlad doesn’t get to write a short story in holiday one-shot. Also Dan doesn’t like that counter of DC Doing Something Stupid going off. So Vlad goes along and Vlad is mum on the word.”

With only a week left until Toyfair 2020, Hasbro, the actual company that owns Transformers, is still baffled on how to actually to respond to DC, given they’re even wondering how the company rebooted the wrong property. However some within at Hasbro are willing to allow the publication, because they can just point out if it was bad, it was because DC did it, not IDW, the actual company that owns the property.

According to researcher in the field of copyright,  Professor Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms the forgetfulness of DC is to blame. “When you’ve done so many reboots and relaunches since 2006, your mind just starts to forget these things. It really explains the mind of a DC Publisher when they fall back to the absolute past because that’s all they can remember. Unfortunately, their mindset was stuck in the 50s to 60s, but suddenly rebooting all the way to the 80s. They kind of forget the amazing legacy characters they created in the 80s. Like you know Wally West as the Flash. Sadly DC is so darn forgetful.”

So far, with no one to point out that DC is publishing a comic of a property they don’t own. The creative teams behind it in Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, Robert Venditti, and Joshua Williamson, writing it. With illustrations by Doug Mahnke, Bryan Hitch, Mikel Janín, Ivan Reis, David Marquez, and supposedly many more (until someone finally in the company points out they don’t own this property).

The 48-page comic will be out on May 27, 2020, unless someone finally points out to DC they don’t own this property at all.


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