Abrams And Pichelli’s Spider-Man Further Delayed Likely Due To Possible Nepotism Case

Marvel Comics has informed retailers that Spider-Man #4, by J.J. Abrams, his son, and Sara Pichelli, has been delayed from February 19 to April 8. The issue was once street dated for December 11.

Additionally, Spider-Man #5 is now set to release May 27. The issue previously had street dates of January 29 and April 15.

The most recent issue was Spider-Man #3, which came out December 18 after also being delayed.

It seems that the delays stem from a totally not fake source that the government is investigating a possible case of nepotism due to J.J. Abrams getting his son a job at Marvel in exchange for finishing his chore chart for a week.

The government under Trump is attempting to drain the swamp and ever since he pressured Ukraine to investigate Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, the government has been interested in other possible high profile cases of nepotism.

The case was first revealed by Comicspit last December when Spider-Man #5 was first announced as being delayed.

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