Toonami Cuts Down to Three-Hour Block!

Toonami will once again be changing and scaling back it’s line-up. Though for the later, it’ll be cutting a lot of fat as it’ll be going down to just a three-hour block starting February 29th. This comes from the man himself, Jason DeMarco who tweeted the confirmation few days ago:

Toonami in its current form, debuted in such a slot and grew from it. So it isn’t surprising at all, that well it grew beyond it’s reach, and was kind of eating away at the budget. Besides revealing the budget cut, DeMarco also revealed that there are six shows currently in production for the animated action block (two of which are known in Uzumaki and Blade Runner anime), and four of which are unknown. Which no doubt means reveals for the approaching con season.

Here’s what the line-up will look like after the change:

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