Source Point Press April 2020 Solicitations


FEB201980(W) Fred Packard, Josh Valliere (A) Adam Cozart

Princess Carly, being the only noble of proper age from her nation, has prepared her entire life to become a Serpen Rider. Accompanied by the Royal Guard and her handmaiden, Skylin, she sets out on the long road with glory on her mind. However, powerful forces are emerging from the shadows and seek a dark future for the world.In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $3.99


FEB201981(W) Adam Schmidt (A) Tyler Sowles, Sara Dhyne

After a mysterious woman walks into Hank’s office, this monster finds himself in Chinatown working his most dangerous case yet! Packed with monsters and noir action from start to finish, this issue cements Hank Steiner as the new face of monster-noir!In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $3.99


FEB201982(W) Various (CA) Various

Collected here are vintage tales of the world’s greatest detective, Ellery Queen! Curated and digitally remastered to their original colors and quality by Joshua Werner. Prepare for daring heroics and deadly villains! This is a must-have for fans of the mystery genre and classic pulp comics!In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $4.00


FEB201983(W) Jason Doulgas (CA) Lesley Atlansky (A/CA) Adam Ferris

Landon is experiencing a quarter-life crisis. The decision he made in his early 20’s to abandon his dreams of music has resulted in a life mired in stagnation, depression, self-doubt, and a loveless marriage. When the voices start and the visions appear, Landon fears for his sanity but is nevertheless tempted and awoken to a unique possibility. A parallel version of himself is offering a chance to change it all. His fate was sealed, and now his destiny awaits! What price would you be willing to pay for a second chance?In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $6.99


FEB201984(W) Michael Roslen (A) Karly Engracia

After decades of pollution and climate have ravaged the Earth leaving it nearly uninhabitable, a young man joins an impossible mission: to terraform Mars. Three generations of his family face tragedies and triumphs as they attempt to build a new home for mankind. Remnant is a sweeping and timely epic told in a single issue, about the tragic collapse of one society, the difficult birth of another, and one family’s struggle to navigate both.In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $3.99


FEB201985(W) Sean McArdle, Jon Judy (A) Dexter Wee

The critically acclaimed, Eisner-nominated comic continues its first print run! While the Fuhrer seeks the perfect actor to play him on the silver screen, Charlie Chaplin learns about the horrors taking place overseas, and begins to develop The Great Dictator. But during a party at Errol Flynn’s house, Chaplin learns that the Nazi threat may be even closer than he ever imagined!In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $3.99


FEB201986(W) Rich Douek (A) Fei Chen

A new day dawns in the world of Gutter Magic! Cinder is back on the streets, and a dangerous new gang moves in to claim the Morgue’s former territory – leaving it up to Shiver to defend the remnants of her mother’s criminal empire. As he faces down new foes, and old, Cinder is about to learn that knowing magic, and actually practicing it, are two completely different things. The hit series continues with an all new adventure, featuring new interior artist Fei Chen!In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $3.99


FEB201987(W) Les Garner (A) Les Garner

As the conflict between Pastor Jacob’s flock, lead by 8-Ball and “Mama’s Girls” comes to a head, both factions are caught off guard by the arrival of General Cleaver’s advance scout, “The Handler” and her hunter-fiend dogs, meanwhile Anna’s chance to learn about herself and the world from Pappa’s old friend Abraham is cut short by news of the turmoil heading their way.In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $3.99


FEB201988(W) Dan Dougherty (A) Dan Dougherty

Everything comes to a head in this penultimate chapter of the first story arc! With all of her enemies vying to take the curse away from Ada, one of them goes to extreme measures to get it. Meanwhile, her disappearance leads her friends and family to assume the worst, unaware that the people who took Ada are coming for them next.In Shops: Apr 29, 2020SRP: $3.99

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