‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Not Left Behind, Finally Gets New Mini-Series

It’s been a long time, around ten years, but Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is finally getting a new mini-series of its own. IDW, who produced the previous DS9 mini, will be releasing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long a Sacrifice starting in April. The four-issue mini-series will be written by the folks who did the previous mini, David Tipton and Scott Tipton. Greg Scott will be handling the art duties for the mini-series, and the first issues will have covers by Ricardo Drumond and J.K. Woodward (plus a photo cover).

Too Long a Sacrifice is set during the Dominion War and will focus on Constable Odo leading an investigation. David Tipton gives us the lowdown:

“Set during the most difficult hours of the Dominion War, Too Long a Sacrifice shows the station during trying times: a series of mysterious and seemingly unsolvable terrorist attacks just as the war has everyone strained to the breaking point” … “We’ll get to see the darker side of life on the station as Odo leads the investigation, with increasingly desperate conditions forcing him and others to deal with new and unexpected allies and to use unusual tactics in their efforts to stop the attacks.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long a Sacrifice #1 retailer incentive cover by J.K. Woodward


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