Marvel’s ‘Empyre’ Event Gets Its First Tie-Ins

Last December, Marvel announced their first “earth-shattering” event, Empyre. We later got to know that Empyre would involve the Avengers and Fantastic Four against an invading KreeSkrull army and its leader Dorrek VIII, otherwise known as Hulkling. Well since it is an event, then of course it will have tie-in comics right?

Oh before we go on, since details of the event were revealed, so was the cover more recently so take a look at the piece by Jim Cheung:

Right! Today Marvel announced the first two (of thousands we guess) tie-in comics for the event. The first is Empyre: Avengers. Yes, the group that is one of the principals in the main event book, gets its own one-shot. Empyre: Avengers #1 will be written by Jim Zub, with art by Carlos Magno, and a cover by Steve McNiven. Marvel wasn’t specific, but said that this book would arrive in the Spring.

Here is how Zub describes the comic:

“Empyre is all about an intergalactic threat targeting Earth, battling our heroes on multiple fronts, putting them on the defensive while the world hangs in the balance. EMPYRE: AVENGERS showcases three important conflicts with an eclectic group of Avengers, some who we haven’t seen as part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in quite a while. Some of these Avengers are ones I’ve written in the past (on UNCANNY AVENGERS or AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER) while others are characters I’ve been itching to write for years.

I don’t want to tip my hand too much, but I can also say that the Savage Land is one of the main locations for this tie-in and that brings Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil into the mix as well. Jungle action, heroic reunions, and big surprises. That’s what EMPYRE: AVENGERS is all about.”

What? No Zabu?

Empyre: Avengers #1 cover by Steve McNiven

The other title announced is the three-issue Empyre: Spider-Man mini-series. SNL veteran Taran Killam will write this mini-series, with art by Diego Orlotegui, and covers by Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado. Little was revealed about the mini-series, except that it will feature a new villain that emerges from the Kree-Skrull invasion. No release date was revealed for this series either.

Empyre: Spider-Man #1 cover by Humberto Ramos and Edgar Delgado


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