December 2019 Comic Sales See Growth Compared To Previous Year

Comichron has released its compiled sales information for comic sales in December 2019 and sales are up, compared to the previous year.

Month over month saw a drop in both dollars and units for comics and graphic novels, but year over year saw a boom in both categories.

Marvel Comics saw its dollar share raise slightly, while its unit share grew nearly 3%. Meanwhile, Image Comics took a bit of a dip with a loss of over 1% in both dollars and units. Additionally, IDW Publishing overtook BOOM! Studios in dollar share for fourth place.

For top comic books by units, both DC Comics and Marvel Comics took five spots, with DC taking the top spot. The cost to buy all ten titles would run you $53.90.

For top comic books by dollars, DC Comics took five spots, Marvel Comics took four, and IDW Publishing took one spot. To buy all ten titles, it would cost $61.90.

For graphic novels by units, Marvel Comics took four spots, DC Comics took three spots, while Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and Dark Horse all took one spot each. Even with its $60 price tag, House of X/Powers of X took the top spot.

For top graphic novels by dollars, DC Comics took five spots, Marvel Comics took four spots, while Dynamite Entertainment took one. The average cost of the top ten titles is $84.50.

Overall items shipped were down over 200 units. Even with the drop, Marvel Comics shipped more items in December than November.

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