Moment of the Year – 2019 Winner

WHELP, two years ago it was Batman, last year it was “sort of” Batman related. Well, okay it was much beloved characters Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown got a moment of the past to remember and shine. Did Batman or one of these two characters repeat the feat this year?

With only a total of 101 VOTES (which is surprisingly, not as down like two hundred for Most Maddening Moment) which means a lot of you stuck around to vote. Which kind makes sense given what was the highest voted moments. So with that said let’s look at the runner’s up.

#5 (three-way tie) “‘Once we’re ready’ you said. Nobody is ever ready.” – The Immortal Hulk #22, “Trust me. There’s nothing human in there.” – The Immortal Hulk #17, Superman goes shonen. – Justice League #25

#4 (three-way tie) The death of Judge Hershey. – 2000 AD #2150, The truth. – Powers of X #6, Question meets Question. – Lois Lane #3

Since there is no Indie Moment of the Year this year. I guess by default, that would mean the moment from 2000 AD #2150 won it. So in my own little way. Here’s that moment from said comic:

#3 “… you’re my jackpot.” – Spider-Man: Life Story #6 Honestly, I thought this moment would win the Moment of the Year 2019. I figured it was a shoe-in. I mean this is probably the best Marvel moment in comics this year. The mini-series Spider-Man: Life Story was just a love letter to every era of Spider-Man. But if there’s one thing I know about the other two moments that beat it. Never underestimate fans of certain characters.

And given, there was no Moment of the Week thread to celebrate this. Here’s that moment:

So what two moments beat something so good and pure from Marvel? Why of course, something Batman related. Something, I say that because Batman doesn’t even appear in a single panel of either of these moments. Instead these are two character moments that many adored.

Like our #2 which features the return of a character I know a certain friend of mine got hyped for.

#2 “Hello Cassandra. Please take that ridiculous mask off. Let me see you.” – Batman & the Outsiders #6 (9 VOTES)

Yes, the return of this classic Dennis O’Neill character, Lady Shiva returned and out of nowhere. No solicitation in comics anywhere (just all Ra’s Al Ghul stealing the spotlight in those). Just straight up the creative team of the comic writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Dexter Soy providing a pleasant shock, which is something truly lacking in comics these days. Probably the most surprising character reveal on DC’s side since Prometheus showing up in Midnighter series several years back.

Alright, so all that’s left is the #1 moment. The winner. The one that literally stole fans hearts. Or perhaps it’s because I know too people who are of similar minds. Aka once again, a certain character that DC has treated horribly for a long time. 2020 might change that. You might say 2020 might bring a CAINAISSANCE. Because winning with 11 VOTES. The only comic to get into the teens period of voting, and that MOMENT OF THE YEAR 2019 WINNER is.. oh right. BRING US THAT EPIC DRUM ROLL!!!!!!

“I free… now.” – Batman & the Outsiders #7

Yes, Cassandra Cain and the character’s fans once again decided the one moment to win was this from Batman & the Outsiders #7 with her owning the lead thug of Ra’s Al Ghul, who had been owning the entire team prior to this point. And with all due honesty, it was a damn good moment. A better moment than anything Batman did this year sadly. Or heck it was a refreshing DC moment given well many other things over at DC were driving fans quite mad.

So there you have it. What will 2020 bring us? Hopefully some better moments because where the heck was my moment of DOOM? Oh, right we got a Doom ongoing later half of 2019. Which means this could be the year of DOOM. At last. Okay, it’ll probably be the year of Magik or Captain Pryde. Unless, we get another amazing Spider-Man moment this year. I guess we’ll see.


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