Hawley’s ‘Star Trek’ Not Star Trek IV, Will Probably Have New Cast & Characters

While new series and programming for Star Trek have been appearing on the smaller screen, the movies have been stalled. At one point it seemed that there were two movie installments, but those plans appear to be dead. Last November however, brought news that the Genesis Device had been launched toward the Star Trek movie enterprise in the form of writer/director Noah Hawley.

Hawley, who created the Fargo and Legion television series, is currently in “early days” on developing the next Trek film, and talked to The Hollywood Reporter about it. First of all, he doesn’t want to call it “Star Trek IV” since this will be his own take on the long running franchise. It also seems like he might be using new characters. When asked about any returning cast from the previous films he said:

“It’s early days. I don’t know. But new characters often involve new cast.”

Talking about what kind of thing he likes in Star Trek and what might inform the upcomng movie, he references Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, who had Kirk (Spock, really) at his sharpest, though not physically:

“It’s William Shatner putting on his reading glasses and lowering Khan’s shields, which cost like $9.50. There’s no big action sequence. He’s just more clever” … “There’s something really uplifting about that feeling. I went to Paramount and just had my own ideas for what I wanted to do with it. So that’s the direction that I’m going in.”

Let’s just hope they don’t resurrect Khan again

No release date has been announced for the next Trek installment yet. Early days…

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