‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Toys Reveals Major Spoiler!

So once again TOYS spoil plot points in movies or big things in franchises. So curve balls like what the Disney+ show the Mandalorian did and shock the hell out of anyone who watched the show, or why the first few action figures of Rey didn’t have a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens. Or do what Marvel did and just do some crazy-ass lying like with Iron Man 3 Lego set the Iron man vs. Mandarin Ultimate Showdown set.

It is so ridiculous how could we’ve not seen thru it? Or why didn’t we actually get this?!

Then there are other times when (mostly Warner Bros. or Sony) toys actually do spoil things. Major things. Things like today was spoiled for Godzilla vs. Kong (which is coming out later this year because Kong was revealed to be a dirty cheater). So at a Hong Kong Toy Fair, Jakks or Bandai revealed their toyline for the movie and well SOMETHING was revealed.

Something that Steven Toy Reviews noticed. Their tweets has since been taken down (no doubt Warner Bros. or someone taking notice to lockdown the spoilery leaks). But it’s too little too late. The spoiler pictures are out there.

As always if you don’t want to know…

Here are the photos taken of the Godzilla vs. Kong toys:

Note Godzilla, Kong, a Godzilla with his back plates all red (a nod to what he did in Godzilla: King of the Monsters?), a Skull Crusher, and–


The robotic (or sometimes even cyborg) counterpart to Godzilla was teased at the end credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters and sure enough this is the first official confirmation that the legendary foe of Godzilla will be in the movie.

Of course it shouldn’t be at all surprising given Godzilla is fighting a drugged up cheating ape. And as we know since Kong is a cheating ape he’s going to make it a handicap match.

But it doesn’t matter. Godzilla will win.

This time Godzilla will win. For he is the true king of the monsters. Not the cheap poser ape who thinks he is.

So enjoy these pictures while you can folks before Warner Bros. removes them too.

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