McFarlane Toys Makes One Wish for Mattel Again With ‘DC Multiverse’ Line!

When the news first hit last night, I was in awe of the reveal of McFarlane Toys showcasing their first wave of DC Comic action statues figures entitled DC Multiverse. In awe of how bad the figures looked. I mean okay, the Superman (comic) looks good sculpt wise, but articulation and presentation? These just look only good for presentation and that’s all they got going for it.

Here’s the assortment reveal:

Yeah that animated Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, and Green Lantern? Yikes. It also doesn’t help the CW Arrow figure feels so out of place (if we’re going CW, why not the Flash? Batwoman?).

But the most striking thing is the faces. All but three (Superman, Hellbat, Unchained Superman) look downright awful. Strikingly bad. The Nightwing one, looks like he’s in the middle of taking an aggresive dump with the face he’s sporting. Like, this should have been pointed out before production was full on made.

Then there’s the plastic. The Hellbat Batman’s wings look fragile. One wrong fall from a shelf looks like they’ll break. The capes look like plastic rags. Why couldn’t we get fabric or better molded ones? These look like DC Collectible figures. Is this the reason why their line got canned? Because of how close those were? I mean, at least their Nightwing is leaps and bounds better looking.

Then there’s the articulation. Sure you have some figures who look to have the wide range on the upper level. But look at those hips and those legs. Are you telling me those figures can go the full “Van Damme” and split? Or move forward or back? They sure don’t look like they’ll be able to for me.

This looks really disappointing. More so that instead of maybe a few months that McFarlane Toys could correct these early mistakes, but nope. We’re getting these figures later this month. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you pre-order this and get disappointed. Because just glancing at it these photos, the disappointment makes me wish Mattel kept the licence.


I feel dirty now.

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