Netflix Decides to Green-Light New ‘Masters of the Universe’; Not Realizing They Already Are Making One!

Netflix feels the power in the Masters of the Universe franchise. Having already revealed one animated series that’ll continue the classic cartoon (under the guidance of Kevin Smith which means the series will be out sometime in 2099), Netflix has added a second animated series. This one will feature CG-art and will be a reboot of the saga.

Now this isn’t the first Mattel property that Netflix has rebooted, as they are garnering much love and popularity with their She-Ra: Princesses of Power animated series (which is currently on its fourth season). Here’s the official annoucement:

Here’s the other promo image for the series released:

As for the creative team behind this particular animated series. Rob David (Masters of the Universe: Revelation aka the Kevin Smith backed one) will be showing the series with executive producer Adam Bonnett (Descendants) and Christopher Keenan (Justice League, Batman Beyond). Jeff Matsuda (Jackie Chan Adventures, the Batman) and Susan Corbin (Voltron) will also produce, while Bryan Q. Miller (Smallville, Smallville web-exclusive comic seasons that continued were the story ended, and HEY!! He was also the awesome writer for Batgirl Vol. 3 ) will serve as story editor.

Though maybe Netflix can get both series to crossover. Come on Netflix think of an updated Christmas special potential!! “HOW THE CATRA STOLE CHRISTMAS”! It just works perfectly!!

This isn’t the only He-Man onslaught as Mattel is also relaunching the toy line next fall. Probably when one of these animated series will probably drop. Mattel you’re trying to do it again aren’t ya?!

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