The Further Adventures Of Kid ‘Cable’ Shoots For March

The Hickman era of X-Ttiles continues, rolling out classic titles with new twists. Marvel announced that Cable will get his own solo series again in March 2020. This time however, it won’t be the old, grizzled warrior Nathan Summers, but kid Cable. It wouldn’t be the first time we saw Cable as a youth (eg. Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix in 1994, Askani’Son in 1996) but this time he is young in the current day, recruiting other youngsters for his cause:

“Cable has always been destined for greatness, whether that be saving mutantkind, sparking rebellion, or both! But why wait? That destiny starts right here, right now! And as no stranger to taking promising young mutants under his wing, expect to see some of your favorite younger X-Men like Pixie and Armor along for the ride!”

Cable will be written by Gerry Duggan and have art by Phil Noto.

Cable #1 cover by Phil Noto

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