Surprise! ‘Spider-Woman’ Gets A New Costume For Her New Series

Last month Marvel announced a new Spider-Woman series starting in March of 2020. With the announcement it looked like Jessica Drew was back to her old costume (variation of the costume she first appeared in), which she went back to in the recent Strikeforce series, versus what she was wearing in her last series.

Well, surprise! It looks like Jessica actually has a new look for her upcoming series. While the mask looks like her older costume in design, she is losing the mostly red costume element she had previously. The top part of her costume is the only real large red portion, and looks like it has Spider-Man‘s influence now. The costume was designed by Dave Johnson, and here is his design sheet for the new costume:

Spider-Woman costume design by Dave Johnson

The cover by Junggeun Yoon also has been updated to show her new look (though the original look should still be available):

Spider-Woman #1 (2020) cover by Junggeun Yoon

Also available is the solicitation for the first issue:


  • Written by KARLA PACHECO
  • Art by PERE PÉREZ
  • Cover by JUNGGEUN YOON
  • New Costume Designed by DAVE JOHNSON
  • Whether it’s hunting Skrulls or taking down H.Y.D.R.A., Spider-Woman’s adventures have made her a favorite of readers for decades, and in March 2020, she’ll be embarking on a brand-new one in SPIDER-WOMAN #1! The enigmatic Avenger has always been as mysterious as she is fearless, and her latest series opens with her not feeling quite herself… Looking for fresh thrills, Spider-Woman takes on a job that puts her in the crosshairs of an all-new enemy! She soon finds herself caught in a web of intrigue, surrounded by unknown forces bent on her destruction. With danger on all sides and her deadly past coming to haunt her, Spider-Woman is in for an action-packed ride, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

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