Abrams And Pichelli’s Spider-Man Delayed As Government Investigates Possible Nepotism Case

Marvel Comics has informed retailers that Spider-Man #5, the final issue of J.J. Abrams, Henry Abrams, and Sarah Pichelli’s limited series has been delayed by three months. The issue was originally solicited for January 29 and is now set to release April 15.

Comicspit has heard from a totally not made up source that the issue was delayed as the government investigates a possible case of nepotism due to Hollywood powerhouse J.J. Abrams using his clout in order to get his son Henry Abrams a job writing comics at Marvel in return for good grades. The government under Herr Trump is attempting to drain the swamp and ever since he pressured Ukraine to investigate Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, the government has been interested in other possible high profile cases of nepotism.

This case is so severe that former fashion designer and current Senior Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump, who earned her position in the White House after years of slaving away in politics, has been assigned to personally investigate Abrams.

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