In March 2020, Marvel’s Super Youth Are ‘Outlawed’

Sounding similar to 2006’s Civil War, Marvel‘s upcoming Outlawed also starts out with a tragedy involving a youth super-team. In Civil War it was the New Warriors, and in Outlawed it will involve the Champions. Civil War resulted in the Super-Human Registration Act, and in Outlawed it appears things will get much more restrictive for those 21 and younger.

The life of a teenaged superhero is never easy, but it’s about to get a lot harder for the young vigilantes of the Marvel Universe. March’s Outlawed one-shot introduces a new status quo that has the government cracking down on superheroes under the age of 21, and these events will have repercussions across the publisher’s entire line.

According to Marvel, Outlawed spins out of the events of Incoming!, which is billed as a murder mystery of some kind starting later this month. The Outlawed one-shot will be written by Eve L. Ewing, with art by Kim Jacinto, colors by Espen Grundetjern, and lettering by Clayton Cowles.

Outlawed cover by Pepe Larraz
Outlawed sample page 1
Outlawed sample page 2
Outlawed sample page 3
Outlawed sample page 4
Outlawed sample page 5

Whose side are you on?!

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